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Do you need a root canal, an extraction or are in need of a dental emergency?

We hope you never need it, but dental emergencies rarely seem to happen during normal business hours.If you are in pain and need to see an emergency dentist in the Jamaica, Queens area, please call our office at 718-739-0900. At Advanced Implant and Cosmetic Dental P.C., we understand that dental emergencies happen and that they can be traumatic, especially if something is broken but they can also cause unbearable pain. At our dental office in Jamaica, Queens we can give you the immediate help you need. Dr Ben Mokhtar over his 17 years of dentistry has seen more than his fair share of unique dental issues and will be able to diagnose and suggest an appropriate treatment plan. 

We attend to all types of dental emergencies in the Jamaica, Queens area and surrounding areas. We can provide the following in comfortable relaxed surroundings:

- Immediate relief of dental pain
- We can perform emergency root canal.
- We can perform root canal re-treatment on failed root canals.
- We can perform emergency tooth extractions.
- We can perform emergency crown repair.
- We can repair chipped or broken teeth with bonding.
- We can treat dental abcesses and provide antiobiotic treatment to kill the infection.
- We can repair broken veneers, lumineers, crowns and bridges.
- We can also extract wisdom teeth that may be causing you excrutiating pain.
- We can repair broken dentures.

Below Dr Ben explains what you should do in the case of some dental emergencies if you have experienced a dental trauma and you cannot see an emergency dentist within the hour. Dr Ben Mokhtar has a lot of experience in treating dental emergencies and can treat the following:

Tooth aches:

If you are experiencing toothache then it can generally be attributed to one of three things. Either broken teeth,  a possible new cavity or possible decay beneath an old filling. This could also be caused by excessive grinding or clenching of the teeth. In most instances there is really nothing that can be done other that to see the dentist as soon as possible and then diagnose the cause of the problem. The dentist will probably give you temporary pain relievers such as Tylenol or ibuprofen.

Swollen or sore gums:

These are usually a result of infection due to plaque or gum disease. Often food can become stuck in between teeth and this can lead to infection in the gums. You can try to gently floss or brush the infected area in order to try and dislodge the food that may be stuck there. If it is not possible to dislodge the food that may be stuck there then try and remove it with warm salt water by swishing it around your mouth and then using a toothpick. If this does not work then it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible.

 Broken teeth:

Accident, falls, injuries during sports, fights or chewing too hard on steak can cause broken teeth. Also if you have a cavity or weak portion of the tooth this may cause chipping or fractures. If you have a tooth with a large portion broke off then they can become very painful due to exposed nerves or damage to the internal nerve. Smaller cracks in teeth may not be painful, can be more difficult to detect but will cause trouble later. Lost crowns or caps:If you have a lost crown or cap then it is important to see the dentist as soon as possible and bring the crown with you or if you can replace the cap with some bonding gel that you will get at your local pharmacist. Never use superglue and always make sure that it is a dental cement. If you have pain take Tylenol or ibubrofen.

 Broken or knocked out  teeth (also known as an avulsed tooth)

If you have a knocked out or broken tooth then you have a serious issue on your hands. However this is nothing that we have never seen before. It is advisable that if you do this when the dentist is closed the try and find a 24 hour dentist in the city or go to your nearest hospital.  An avulsed tooth can be re-implanted by the dentist but only under certain circumstances and great care must be taken to make sure that certain measures are taken:

Dental abcess

Lost or Broken Crowns


Bleeding Gums

Loose Teeth 

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Loose or missing fillings

Crown or Bridge fell out

Jaw Pain 

Broken Dental Implants

Broken Dentures

Facial Swelling

Loose Dentures

If you have a dental emergency in the Jamaica, Queens area and need to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible then call  718-739-0900.